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Steve has studied with Werner Erhard, Justin Sterling, Michael Harner, Stuart Wilde, Don Campbell, Mary Morrisey and Neal Donald Walsh, as well as many others over the last five decades. He studied in medicine ceremonies with Huichol Elder Guadalupe Rios de la Cruz 1990-1992. Steve has designed and implemented, or contributed as an advisor to numerous community and youth projects. Steve is also the Executive Advisor for Fifth Wall Collective, a 501(c)3.

Agent of Change


An Agent of Change...


  • is a catalyst for change.
  • honors the critical connection to Source.
  • thrives by having no map.
  • understands that failure is feedback and growth.
  • has the patience to embrace generational shift.
  • is easy to talk and connect with.
  • uses skill, talent and wisdom to stand in their truth.


Life, through consciousness, precipitates out of the quantum vacuum.


The success of social evolution is based on leadership which employs honed intuitive and listening talents, knowledge of continuously adding value, and banks on sacred economics and conscious capitalism.


The common thread of all new ideas are to sustainably increase personal and community value. Established ideas are re-evaluated for personal and community vision and evolution.


Aging (Honoring the Crone) is a form of paradigm shift which becomes legacy via youth projects.


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Agent of Change: Thought Into Form
Steve Gootgeld, Executive Director

Agent of Change

"I thoroughly appreciate the professional and personal relationship I have with Steve and am happy to serve as a reference for him in any endeavor he sets forth to achieve. I am confident that you will find Steve to be a warm, intelligent and capable professional who creates an environment that is compassionate and inspirational."




Rebecca Aubin

Director of Education and Visitor Experience

Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe

Agent of Change

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Agent of Change Agent of Change
Agent of Change
Agent of Change

This is an edited-down version of a video segment produced by Grand Circle Tours for New Mexico Tourism...

This is a short video on some inter-dimensional thought-provoking fun that I shot in my studio...


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Agent of Change : Thought Into Form

Steve Gootgeld, Executive Director