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"Building relationships based on core truths identifying with Source, we evolve, accelerate and manifest creative ideas for the benefit of ourselves and the planet."


 ̶   Steve Gootgeld, Executive Director

Science and Spirituality has shown us that consciousness and reality are a human construct. On that premise, it is critical that the highest possible level of personal  accountability is employed in order to create conscious relationships and a conscious world.

For the discerning and fully committed leader, Agent of Change: Thought Into Form offers accelerated, intensive, mutually beneficial conversation retreats to discover and engage core personal truths in order to create a more resonant Inner Journey. The experience is designed to bring one to a new awareness and lifestyle of mindful self leadership by moving from who we think we are to who we know we are, the I AM. As a way of being, spiritual awareness of where we are in the every day is a portal for moving forward. More conscious, more accountable individuals and community are the result of our conversations. Content is based on the philosophy outlined in the Agent of Change: Thought Into Form podcast series.

At some point on the Inner Journey, the leader is ready to engage in a new paradigm of community in a way that follows true passion and benefits all concerned. Agent of Change: Thought Into Form embraces educational, ecological and environmental aspects. Wheels do not necessarily need to be reinvented; by vetting existing, functioning spokes of the wheel, Agent of Change: Thought Into Form facilitates creative and innovative relationships that foster sustainable ideas. As a result, your resonant ideas are implemented and maintained 100% by your group or community, including the option of plugging into approved non-profit organizations to expand effectiveness and scope.

Agent of Change: Thought Into Form offers provocative, inspiring keynote addresses. This is the perfect way to begin your meeting, conference or retreat.


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"Steve's work transcends every discipline, industry and organizational structure. It is about being connected to our higher truth and our higher self in order that we can operate in the world more healed, more efficiently and create a larger definition of community. When we are devoted to BEING, the DOING unfolds naturally.


The act of conscious conversation within relationship creates participatory reality.  Steve's dedication to evolving intuition, a lifetime of honing listening talents and healing archetypal challenges have placed him in a unique position at the table of today's visionaries."


     - Kestral Andrus, Executive Coach and Visionary for Fifth Wall Collective




"Only the shaman knows that culture is a game. Everyone else takes it seriously. That’s how he can do his magic.”


      ̶  Terence McKenna


Agent of Change


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Agent of Change : Thought Into Form

Steve Gootgeld, Executive Director