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Episode 1 - What is an Agent of Change?     July 2, 2016


Steve presents his definition of what an Agent of Change is by sharing his personal stories and experiences. The first five podcasts are solo shows which establish a foundation of Steve's ideas.


An Agent of Change:


-is a catalyst for change.

-understands the critical connection to Source.

-thrives by having no map.

-understands that failure is feedback and growth.

-has the patience to embrace generational shift.

-is easy to talk and connect with.

-uses wisdom and talent to tell their truth to the world.


The success of social evolution is based on leadership which employs honed intuitive and listening talents, knowledge of continuously adding value, and banks on sacred economics and conscious capitalism.

Episode 2 - Thought Into Form     July 9, 2016


Steve presents his definitions of what "Thought Into Form" means, based on his personal stories and experiences. The first five podcasts are solo shows which establish a foundation of Steve's ideas.


Thought Into Form is based on our reality and life as we know it. It is precipitated out of the Quantum Vacuum.


Whether we call it God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Prophet, a Higher Power or The Universe, much of today's spiritual and quantum physics embrace thought becoming manifested in reality through conscious thought, prayer and meditation. There are many ways of describing the same thing.


A key ingredient to creating new thoughts and patterns is the personal connection to SOURCE, whatever we may choose to call it. The next show will explore the SOURCE connection.

Episode 3 - Connection to Source     July 12, 2016


Steve presents his definitions of what Connection to Source means, based on his personal stories and experiences. The first five podcasts are solo shows which establish a foundation of Steve's ideas.


Whether it is named God or Goddess, a higher power, Great Spirit, The Universe, or SOURCE, we are all connected emotionally, physically and psychically. Holding the idea of connection is to remember who we are, why we are here, and knowing that the immense greatness which fills our lives comes from SOURCE. Quantum Entanglement illustrates that all matter and all things are connected. That connection is instantaneous and does not even follow the accepted universal speed limit....the speed of light.


Source is all, and all knowing. Our bodies are made of atoms created from exploded stars. All thoughts and all ideas simultaneously exist within the framework of The Universe. Being human, we overlay our limited ideas of time and space onto Source, which makes it more of a challenge to open our minds, hearts and souls to listen to ideas and answers streaming forth. The challenge is open to everyone and can be the most fulfilling experience in human existence.


By honoring our innate connection to the Universe or God, and a dedication to healing our emotions, we can embrace our human reflection of all Possibility and Greatness and use our lives to bring that greatness into human relationship on the planet.

Episode 4 - Without a Map     July 18, 2016


Over the decades of his life, Steve has learned to separate out a flavor of terror from the rest of all the other terror. And that one flavor is simply this: he finds himself without a map. In other words, he finds himself at a place or point in his life where he has never been, or sometimes that no one has ever been, so there is no map. That becomes the only truth about it, and then suddenly the terror or fear loses its power.


Steve has found that when he allows his plans or goals to only be real in the sense of how they feel, rather than every detail that must happen to achieve it, this choice gives him AND the universe significant freedom to manifest in a meaningful and more natural way. Many times when he focuses on how the goal FEELS, he comes to the realization that in some ways he is already there, and in all ways it is a mechanism to draw it towards him because it is resonating at the same vibration as his thoughts.


Are maps real to begin with? They may only be a loose representation of territory in someone else's mind. Someone else who does not have an awareness of how Steve is using a map, so he is depending on them doing a good enough job of representing his physical world so that he can arrive at his destination.


Steve also shares how he thrives without a map and how that lifestyle alters space and time.

Episode 5 - Living In Metaphor     August 13, 2016


The word Metaphor is from a Greek origin, meaning "to transfer" or "to carry over" between literal and figurative.


Metaphor can be a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract, as in "the amounts of money being lost by the company were enough to make it a metaphor for an industry that was teetering". Or "the lightening storm was like angry teeth in the sky."


Metaphor is usually considered a figure of speech which makes an implicit, implied or hidden comparison between two things that are unrelated but share some common characteristics. In other words, a resemblance of two contradictory or different objects is made based on a single or some common characteristics.


A closely related word, or idea, to Metaphor is SYMBOL: a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract, as in the statement, "the limousine was another symbol of his wealth and authority."


As sentient humans, we exert our will into the world. By doing that, then observing unfolding life as Metaphor, a vast wealth of personal Symbols come forth from within, and are a profound personal experience. Metaphors, similes, parables, figures of speech—they have enormous power over us. There is something that tickles the mind and heart when we use them. We even kill or die for symbols. They serve us as a simple way to convey or describe a more complicated idea...

Episode 6 - Matthew Ryan/Gamma Wave Healing     August 23, 2016


Today's show with Matthew Ryan and his Gamma Wave healing is a perfect way to illustrate what can happen when we stand in our truth and honor our connection to SOURCE without expectation or judgment. Matthew developed his own modality of Gamma Wave Healing and was given this gift in a most unique way. His story has inspired Steve to re-frame his personal inter-dimensional experiences and, if you are lucky, he may share some of them with you in a future show.


Gamma wave healing is a unique energetic healing modality developed by Matthew, a teacher and healing practitioner living in Taos, New Mexico. Matthew works with clients in person and remotely, facilitating healing sessions. Matthew uses his tools to identify and clear energetic patterns, like Implanted Belief Systems, then send these back to Source to be transmuted. Matthew travels around the world teaching the foundational techniques of Gamma Wave Healing through a series of workshops. He teaches powerful, practical, and repeatable techniques to facilitate self-healing and to assist others in their journey.


You can visit Matthew's website at

Episode 7 - Dora E. McQuaid/Poet-Activist-Performer-Teacher    September 20, 2016


Steve's conversation guest for this episode is Dora E. McQuaid. Dora is an award-winning poet, activist, speaker and teacher, whose work embodies the intersections of arts and activism and service and empowerment. Her unique blend of art, emotion and service has earned numerous literary and service awards. Dora’s activism addressing sexual and domestic violence led to her portrait replacing that of former football coach Jerry Sandusky in the Penn State mural. She performs, speaks and teaches internationally, works collaboratively with a wide array of artists and activists and publishes widely. Dora is the author of the ground-breaking collection of poems, the scorched earth.


For more information, please visit


Episode 8 - A Conversation with Laura Shields    October 12, 2016


This show is an abstract conversation with a friend of Steve's for many years, Laura Shields. Recorded on location in Santa Fe, NM.


Laura Shields has lived in northern New Mexico since 1990, mostly very happy, with just enough calamity seared in for flavor. Certifiably ADD, she’s had many different careers, from the Air Force, to jewelry designer, to mortgage broker, to professional photographer, to website entrepreneur. She currently works as active morale support for THE Magazine, Santa Fe’s magazine for art and culture. She is buoyant, a good-time Charlotte, is much more inventive if she's slept well, she's a cheerful marketing companion, and lives an abundant life. Laura  was adopted at three months old in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and good beer is usually found in her refrigerator. Laura and I have been sharing great conversations since 1997.


Episode 9 - A Conversation with Jan Mellor "Personal Responsibility"    November 11, 2016


This show is a conversation on Personal Responsibility with my friend of many years, Jan Mellor. Jan is calling in to the show from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.


Jan has had substantial experience living and working internationally but has called New Mexico home for the past 17 years.  Her many “life incarnations” include recognition as a teacher, coach, mentor, business owner, public relations director and trainer; always with a focus on supporting human potential. Consequently she has been fortunate to have studied with mentors such as Vera Peiffer, Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Bradley Nelson, Mary Morrissey, Steven Covey, Natalie Ledwell and Neale Donald Walsh. However, as with all of us, these incarnations, or life, have certainly thrown her many curves and challenges often leading to unexpected changes. So Jan’s current incarnation is to take a look at, and embrace, change and its opportunities for growth while encouraging and inspiring others. Realizing a transformative change in the way she looks at life on all levels, physically, emotionally and more importantly, spiritually, she now lives a metanoic life. This embraces her mission to live an abundant and creative life in gratitude, love and joy, while inspiring others to do the same by her example and leadership.

Episode 10 - Reaction & Response - Two Different Paradigms    January 30, 2017


Today's solo show is on the radically different meanings of reaction vs. response.


The two words, by today's definition, have been blurred together. In my opinion, they are two different paradigms and we will discuss those differences literally, energetically and spiritually.


Words have power and that is why I feel that words must be chosen carefully and appropriately for today's world. In order to minimize the definition blur, let's go back 350 years to look at the meaning...

Episode 11 - Sustainability With Hemp/Orion Cervio    February 6, 2017


Today's show is a conversation with Orion Cervio on how Hemp is vital for creating a sustainable community.


Orion Cervio is a native Taoseno who freelances as a journeyman social philosopher. He knows that Socratic dialogue leads to summary execution, but he tries to slip in wherever possible. Cervio has been an educator for 18 years. He served as a volunteer teacher trainer with the US Peace Corps in Namibia, & was a classroom teacher with Voluntary Service Overseas in Zambia. His 10 year career as Humanities & Head Teacher of the Chrysalis Alternative School ended in high irony when local Democratic Party bosses on the school board closed the school because they didn't like Cervio's labor union activity. Cervio holds a bachelor od science degree  in Anthropology from the University of New Mexico & an masters of social science in International Development Studies from the University of London. You'll find him around Taos researching the industrial applications of the hemp plant as a replacement for the many polluting industries of man.


Ford's Hemp powered Hemp made Car:


HempCrete Strongest & Greenest Building material in Nature:


Episode 12 - Build Your Own Matrix - Some Disassembly Required, Part 1 of 3    February 13, 2017


In part one of this three-part series, Steve shares his stories and experience with "The Breakdown," an essential and vital part of building a new individual and collective matrix. Part two, "The Breakthrough," will be published next week.

Episode 13 - Build Your Own Matrix - Some Disassembly Required, Part 2 of 3    February 20, 2017


This episode is part 2 of this three-part series. In this episode, Steve shares ideas and stories about how The Breakthrough is the natural evolution of, and always follows, The Breakdown.

Episode 14 - Build Your Own Matrix - Some Disassembly Required, Part 3 of 3    February 27, 2017


In this final episode of his 3 part series, Steve shares ideas and stories about Love as the only reality.

With gratitude to Dora McQuaid, Jan Mellor and Kestrel Andrus for their audio segment contributions.

Episode 15 - Co-Programming Reality    July 5, 2017


The question of "Are we in a virtual reality?" has been explored in recent years. Many feel it is a computer simulation or someone else's lab experiment. Steve begins to tell his unique story of conversations with a larger consciousness and discusses virtual reality as the result of individual and collective consciousness.

Episode 16 - When the Shift Hits the Fan    October 4, 2017


For years, I held onto the idea that once I got my life working, there would inherently be no more drama. Being the responsible creator of my life meant that I could somehow avoid programming the trauma that would send me into what I felt was legitimized victimhood. Culture and conditioning fed into that as well. What I have been learning over the last few years is that in most cases, when something goes “wrong”, there is a valuable lesson to be learned about myself. In almost all cases, I have no control over what is happening, but I do have control over my thoughts and feelings about it. HOW I CHOOSE TO FEEL ABOUT IT makes all the difference. Do I react from old patterns, or can I distance myself from the situation in order to observe my role in a situation or event without being consumed by it?

Episode 17 - The Narcissist's Gift    October 11, 2017


​A personal story of healing and transformation from my experience of being the caregiver in relationships with narcissists.


Episode 18 - The Accountable Empath    October 18, 2017


An Empath has the innate ability to feel what others are thinking and feeling at any given time. This sensitivity can feel overwhelming at times and thus an Empath may choose to spend more time alone in contemplation in order to return to, or acknowledge one’s personal energy field. An Empath knows in their heart that the personal inner journey is essential to growth and development. They also know that, when done properly, they are an accelerated catalyst for change within, as well as for those around them. Not by fixing or saving. By having the ability to help us and others discover core truths and heal limiting beliefs.


Episode 19 - Living in Abstraction    October 25, 2017


Living an abstract life is a lifestyle, something that is embraced every day and in the every day, which allows me to live in a place where time, space, metaphor, personal symbols and icons, and messages from a higher place dictate and expand my ideas and decisions. There are some aspects to embracing and maintaining this state of being, of living. Today, I’m going to share the aspects which mean the most to me.


Episode 20 - Being One and the Seduction of Separation    November 1, 2017


This podcast differs slightly from my others, in that I’ve not arrived at any conclusion. I’m sharing an experience that seems to describe a human conundrum...and by being a conundrum or internal wrestling match, I am satisfied to just let it be that.


Episode 21 - Emotions: Our Personal Alert System     November 8, 2017


Emotions are a big part of our human lives. Every thought brings up one or more feelings. In any kind of relationship, we react or respond to feelings. Today, I would like to share my thoughts regarding using our emotional system as an alert system in order to create a more mindful lifestyle.

Episode 22 - It Begins With Me     November 15, 2017


We ARE CREATORS. We can create reality subconsciously or do it  consciously and accountably. Either way produces a reality. Only the latter is connected. Everything is interconnected, including all physical matter and energy. The connection and oneness transcends time and space.

Episode 23 - The Power of "WHY?"     November 22, 2017


Something that leaders do as a matter of course can scare the crap out of most people...and that is the practice of asking WHY? with every response, decision or idea. The question of WHY identifies and breaks subconscious patterns in order to identify whether or not they are true for us at all. Many times, after discovering our truth, we find that it didn't even exist on the spectrum that is offered up by family, religion, media, our culture and our education system...

Episode 24 - Connecting With People Who Get It     November 29, 2017


The people we are meeting are a reflection of where WE are. When we change ourselves, we attract like people.

Episode 25 - Self Leadership     December 6, 2017


Self-Leadership is essential before someone can be a leader in the external world. The new paradigm definition of Leadership is directly translatable to Self-Leadship. Leadership is defined by, but not limited to these principles:


Leaders lead by example.

Leaders are aware of the culture.

Leaders take risks.

Leaders are a catalyst for change.

Leaders understand the critical personal connection to Source.

Leaders experience crisis and chaos as opportunity AND AN EVOLUTIONARY DRIVER.

Leaders understand that failure is feedback and growth.

Leaders want to try to break new ideas to see if they are real.

Leaders create value for everyone in their team.

Leaders thrive by having no map.

Leaders have patience.

Leaders use their wisdom and talent to share their truth with the world.

Leaders continue to do their shadow work.

Leaders respond instead of react.

Leaders THINK UP, versus staying in FIXING MODE.

Leaders are authentic, vulnerable, courageous and curious.

Leaders understand the value of the BREAKDOWN/BREAKTHROUGH principle.


Episode 26 - On Deep Listening     December 13, 2017


We all have a need to be heard. Do you feel that you are really, deeply listened to? Can you deeply listen to others? Deep Listening results in an immense and intimate understanding of others, and moves us forward.

Episode 27 - Accountability Part 1     July 31, 2018

We're working on an energy level now. Form is only the messenger. The definition and scope of accountability has expanded, especially in the context of personal accountability and self leadership. This episode is not for the meek!


Prose ending is contributed by Kestrel Andrus, Executive Director for Fifth Wall Collective.

Episode 28 - Accountability Part 2 - Walking Through the Fire     November 5, 2019


Dr. Alexia Mellor joins the show today to have a conversation on triggers, or as Thought Into Form calls it, The Fire. The fire describes the moment we find ourselves emotionally triggered, caused by fear, resistance, self-doubt or anger. Learning new skills of staying conscious in that critial moment, along with an expanded emotional understanding of taking a step back to see the bigger picture when challenged, is the key.


To learn more about Dr. Alexia Mellor's Intuitive Wayfinding, visit



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